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  1. Discord: https://discord.gg/tUg2Hrj Pm any rank on discord to Join or to make quick $$$ Smoked Apocashit, I can't really tell who is weighing who down. AC or TP? They both are trash, put your predictions in the comments to tell me your thoughts. @snipergang1k Pov: @@Fujii Pov
  2. On this Friday night, Immortal were looking for a PKRI so we gladly accepted. We massed a swift 30, later peaking at 39 Battery Packed Savages We started the fight down 4 but quick aggression lead us to being up and we never looked back from there. Thanks for the PKRI Immortal, it was fun. @@Fujii POV: @purp POV: @Zigy POV:
  3. energy btw

  4. Website: https://clan-nrg.com TS: ts.clan-nrg.com Discord: https://discord.gg/78mhquq On this fine Wednesday Afternoon, we heard Divine was massing up for a midweek and we wanted in on this action. We swiftly massed up 23 shooters, later peaking at 28. We had 3 fights versus Divine, all leading to a 3-0 sweep for the day. Then we approached Blitz for a 25v25 and another 20v20 which lead to us being 5-0 for the day. Shoutout to all the shooters who turned up today, I'm very proud of you guys the hard returns definitely shows why we are the most dominant xLPC in the scene right now. Videos: @Skeez POV:
  5. big shooter plus big bank?
  6. Its us at the top baby... 

  7. Let's go, today is the freaking day!